The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

The Most Effective Ways to Prevent Eye Wrinkles

What’s the biggest difference between those who look younger than their real age and those who do not? Their skin, of course. The overall texture of the complexion speaks volumes. And the part that reveals the effectiveness of your anti aging regimen? Your eyes. If you want to look fresh and youthful, you’ll need to learn the most effective methods to prevent eye wrinkles.

Tip #1: Avoid pulling, rubbing or tugging the under eye skin. Because this skin is much more delicate than the rest, it occurs damage much more quickly. Always use the lightest touch possible. Apply creams, lotions and makeup with your pinky finger.

Tip #2: Use glasses and sunglasses. Our eyesight often worsens as we age. Even if you only need glasses for reading, use them regularly. Put on sunglasses while driving and outdoors. This little actions build up to a lot less squinting and less wrinkles.

Tip #3: Beware of unintentional facial muscle contractions. You may have a tendency to frown when thinking or working. Years of practicing this habit will show up around your eyes faster than you may realize.

Tip #4: Take a vitamin K supplement. This vitamin promotes healthy eyesight. It is one of the most essential anti-aging vitamins. You should see not only smoother skin but the reduced appearance of capillaries and dark circles. Check out this list of foods high in vitamin K for an extra dose.

Tip #5: Become an under eye cream devotee. The problem with many anti-aging regimens is that people fail to follow them consistently. Slapping on some eye cream every blue will not do much for your skin. Apply the cream two times a day for maximum results.

Tip #6: Choose the correct under eye cream. Clinics offer the perfect eye treatment that fights all signs of aging in this area. It’s equipped with emollient lotions, retinol, vitamins and antioxidants. You’ll notice softer, brighter skin almost immediately. Allow up six weeks for bigger results like the reduction of wrinkles and dark circles.

Tip #7: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This tip helps not only to prevent high wrinkles but also to care for your entire complexion. Why is so important? The antioxidants in produce fight free radicals. Our healthy cells are attacked by free radicals all the time. Luckily, antioxidants  both prevent and heal damage caused by those bad guys.

Tip #8: SPF it up! Yep, sunscreen is necessary to prevent eye wrinkles as well. Your sunglasses can only do so much. In fact, your best defense against aging is vigilant sun protection. Choose version formulated for the face to avoid any stinging in the eye area.

Tip #9: Always remove your makeup before bed. Otherwise, you build up large amounts of bacteria in the under area. Also, keep in mind your skin does its hardest work as you sleep: repairing any damage occurred during the day. You need clear, clean skin that can easily absorb the nutrients in your facial lotions. Makeup blocks the pores and makes it more difficult for the ingredients to seep in.

Tip #10: Use natural Vitamin E oil on fine lines. Most people have a few lines under their eyes. They become an issue when left to deepen and worsen over time. Keep your skin well moisturized with this natural moisturizer. You can find capsules or bottles of oil in most health stores.

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