Keys to wear a luminous face throughout pregnancy

Keys to wear a luminous face throughout pregnancy

Some pregnant women, because of increased blood flow and the action of the sebaceous glands, a face look radiant. Others see worsen the condition of your skin, which is covered with spots and pimples. Chloasma or mask of pregnancy can be prevented, taking into account factors such as hydration and sun protection. The makeup is safe for the fetus and can help hide imperfections. A glowing face during pregnancy: Not all pregnant women experience the same changes during pregnancy.

The shiny appearance of many women is due to increased blood flow and the action of the sebaceous glands.

Others observe, however, as his condition worsens with the appearance of skin spots (chloasma or mask of pregnancy), pimples or a slight redness in the face.

These changes are caused by the increase in female hormones during pregnancy, which regulate the production of fat. The skin also becomes more sensitive and delicate.

Maintain a luminous face is easy if you follow a number of indications for skin care during pregnancy:

Drinking lots of water helps to eliminate dirt that accumulates on your face and helps to moisturize the skin (approximately two liters). In the case of using moisturizers is important to know what is its composition. Those that contain benzoyl peroxide or retinol are completely contraindicated by the risk of producing birth defects. Consult your doctor before applying.

Makeup helps conceal the face ‘small’ facial imperfections. If you do makeup regularly, do not hesitate to continue doing so, because the makeup is safe for mother and baby. It may be that the product will cause allergies. If this is your case, please stop using it.

Protect skin from the sun to avoid staining and darkening of the skin, especially moles and freckles. To prevent chloasma, spots that appear on the face or neck during pregnancy, avoid direct sunlight. If you’re still out, do not worry because they usually disappear after childbirth.

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