Ditch These 5 Bad Habits for Your Skin Fast

Ditch These 5 Bad Habits for Your Skin Fast

Do you pick at pimples? Overuse products? Skimp on sunscreen? Chances are you are guilty of one of these bad habits for your skin. No one is perfect and our skin isn’t either. But you can smooth things over by ditching these skin care faux-pas fast. Turn over a new leaf this fall and reap the benefits of a better complexion.

Bad Habit #1: Skimping on Sunscreen

If you’re not guilty of this habit, chances are your best friend is. Despite the amount of evidence in favor of daily sunscreen use, many people just don’t apply it every morning. To make the process easier, choose a daily sunblock that works as a moisturizer. It will keep your skin feeling fresh and avoid that tacky texture that some sunblocks leave behind. Remember to protect your lips with a balm that contains SPF. Don protective sunglasses to care for your eyes. Remember that the sun’s rays penetrate windows so you’ll need sunblock even on days you stay indoors the majority of the time. These habits will help you prevent wrinkles.

Bad Habit #2: Picking and Popping Pimples

It isn’t just teenagers who pop pimples. Sometimes it’s just difficult to resist the urge to pop that flaming zip. Got a large pimple that’s come to a head? Hands off! First, observe the pimple. If it’s swollen and painful to touch, use a topical treatment contains benzoyl peroxide and leave it alone. Otherwise, use a clean blackhead remover too. Place the small loop around the head of the pimple. Apply a bit of pressure. If the pimple is ready it should pop. Be sure to wash your face and hands thoroughly to avoid spreading  bacteria. Always clean the blackhead remover tool before and after use. Wash your wash daily with a pH balancing cleanser to prevent breakouts.

Bad Habit #3: Overusing Products

If a little cream worked, more would be better, right? Sorry but that’s rarely the case. Most prescription and clinical skin care items should be used sparingly. In fact, you should incorporate a new skin care product slowly. Give your skin time to get accustomed to new ingredients by using the product every other day at the beginning. Be sure to follow any instructions included with the product. Never add more than one new product to your regimen at a time. This way you will be able to identify the culprit of any breakouts or irritation.

Bad Habit #4: Using Harsh Chemicals

Let go of harsh chemicals. Instead, take advantage of what natural ingredients have to offer. Clinical skin care brands have a created an anti aging moisturizer free of artificial additives. The combination of retinol plus lotion allows for the removal of wrinkles without over-drying the skin. Apply it morning and night for a smooth and hydrated complexion. Be sure to use the cream on your neck as well. Otherwise, the skin below the chin may reveal your true age.

Bad Habit #5: Sleeping in Makeup

Here’s a message to the lazy girl: invest in make up removing towelettes. That smudgey-racoon eye look you’re waking up with every morning is neither sexy nor healthy. Leaving on makeup over night creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Things get especially bad when you combine old makeup with contacts. Always remove both before sleeping. Also, remember that your skin repairs damage at night. This time is the best for the use of potent night creams. The moisturizer is able to work its magic without fighting with sunscreen or makeup. When you leave that foundation and the like on, your best anti aging products have a much harder time fighting the signs of aging.

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